Board-Certification: What it means and why it matters

When you’re looking for a new doctor, experts say that you should be looking for one who is board-certified. Here’s why.

What does it mean to be board certified?

A board-certification goes beyond medical school and requires continuous training throughout a doctor’s career. Doctors who are board-certified must meet the minimum requirements to practice medicine including medical school, completing residency and be approved by the state’s official medical board. In addition, board-certified doctors must meet other training requirements, complete a thorough application process and also pass standardized examinations.

In short, board-certification signifies that a doctor is specialized in their field and is continuously learning and training. Board-certified physicians are required to renew their certification every couple of years.

Are most doctors board-certified?

In order to obtain rights at most hospitals and for credentialing by insurers, doctors do need to have a board-certification. Most practices will also only hire those with a certification, although not all do.

As Americans are getting more involved in their healthcare and have access to an abundance of information online, it’s becoming more imperative for doctors to obtain this added level of training. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) estimated in 2017 that over 80% of doctors are certified by one of the 24 member boards.

How do I know if my doctor is board-certified?

If you aren’t sure whether a particular doctor is board-certified or not, the ABMS has a resource available which you can view here.  Just enter your doctors first and last name or enter a specialty.

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