Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Many major surgeries are being performed with the use of “robots” in operating rooms. Robotic assisted surgery is not truly a robot in the sense it does not function on its own. It is a form of laparoscopic surgery performed with the use of small instruments placed through tiny incisions.

Using the robot, these arms are controlled by the surgeon from a computer console next to the patient. The surgeon is in complete control throughout the entire case; however, by utilizing the robot they get improved vision, fine motor control, and access to sometime difficult to reach anatomical locations. Robotic surgery has been shown to result in decreased pain and blood loss as well as a shorter hospital stay.

Many Urologic surgeries are being performed robotically including prostatectomy both for benign and cancerous conditions, partial and total nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, cystectomy, and others. If you are considering a major surgery, robotic assisted surgery may be an option for you.

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