We have 20 urology clinic locations serving the Dallas Metroplex within a 120-mile radius. Urology Clinics of North Texas has 47 urologists on staff. We also have a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner in two offices. Each office shares the same EMR, therefore sharing the same database which gives us great potential for finding research candidates. All our clinical research is conducted at the centralized Clinical Trials Office (CTO) in Dallas, Texas.


All CTO staff have worked for years in the medical field, are certified through ACRP and/or SoCRA, have ICH/GCP training including human subject protection, IATA shipping training, and basic life support training. All staff also has extensive experience with multiple eDCs, ePROs, e-diaries, IVRS/IWRS, and IRT systems. Staff includes multiple PIs, sub-investigators, a site director who is also an RN, study coordinators, a regulatory coordinator, and a research assistant.


  • CLIA waived lab BPH Monitoring (Manuel & Auto)
  • CT/MRI/Bone Scan/Imaging
  • Urodynamics Testing
  • Bladder Scan/Post Void Residual (PVR)
  • Trained Phlebotomy Staff
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Access to Dry Ice
  • -20 Freezer
  • -80 Freezer
  • Local Lab available
  • Private Exam Rooms
  • Monitoring areas with copier & internet access, both wired and wifi
  • Dedicated consent room
  • Daily Electronic Temperature Monitoring
  • Located on hospital campus
  • Equipment Calibration annually
  • 2 Pharmaceutical Refrigerators, Hospital Grade

All study equipment, IP, placebo, devices, lab kits, regulatory documents, paper source binders, and study tablets are stored in limited access area, using double key locks.


We have the expertise and experience to conduct studies in urology and oncology, including prostate and bladder functions.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

(Formerly known as Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas)

Urology Clinics of North Texas Clinical Trials Office
8230 Walnut Hill Lane,
Professional Building 3,
Suite 700
Dallas, Texas 75231


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