Stay home: Telemedicine option now available

In these very difficult times, nearly all businesses across the US are seeing major declines, especially businesses like medical practices where there’s a lot of foot traffic.  The need for our patients and staff to shelter at home has stifled our ability to provide the continuity and quality of care that we are accustomed to delivering to our patients day-in and day-out. 

The needs of our patients don’t go away so doctors must adapt to the times by finding new ways to provide care.

To ensure that our patients still have access to our doctors, we are implementing telemedicine.  Telemedicine creates a connection over the web that allows for virtual visits between our patients and doctors.  While there are still challenges with telemedicine since diagnostic testing and laboratory assessments are not included in virtual visits, doctors can still assess symptoms, ask and answer questions, prescribe medications and provide medication refills, if indicated, to help keep our patients healthy throughout this challenging and unpredictable time.

Telemedicine services are available to select patients without urgent medical needs who are able to be assessed via virtual consultation. If you have an in-person appointment that you’d like to convert to a telemedicine visit, or if you need to be seen by one of our doctors and would like to request an appointment, call us at 214-580-2266.

Our staff is available to answer your questions and to provide details on you can see your doctor virtually.  Thanks to technology, we can all work together to stay safe and stay healthy.

Until this pandemic becomes history, please take care of you and your family and follow the guidance provided local and federal authorities.  We will all get through this together.

Call today to learn more about our telemedicine visits: 214-580-2266 or click here.

Urology Clinics of North Texas

UCNT will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on
Thursday 11/23 & Friday 11/24

We at Urology Clinics of North Texas would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! We will return to normal Business hours on Monday, November 27, 2023.