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Convenient & timely delivery of catheter and continence supplies.

UROPharmacy is a service provided to Urology Clinics of North Texas patients! QUESTIONS: 214-580-2265

convenient and timely delivery of catheter and continence supplies

UROPharmacy assists and facilitates the entire process of your urology needs. For your convenience, we insure the timely delivery, provide leading brand name products, and manage your future orders. Even more good news, UROPharmacy handles your Medicare and/or Insurance Carrier verification and billing.

THE PROCESS: At the time of your visit, your physician will discuss your urology supply requirements and products that are best suited for you, and will manage the placement of your order. A three day supply is provided to you while your order is being processed.

MEDICARE / INSURANCE: Because we have your information, no additional paperwork to fill out. Medicare and/ or Insurance Carriers verification and billing will be managed by UROPharmacy. Depending on your Insurance Carrier, your order could be delayed slightly due to their verification process. You will be advised of any delay in your order.

DELIVERY ORDER: Free and discreet shipping is provided and you can expect your order delivery by US Postal service within 2 to 3 business days. Educational Material and Supply Information will be included in your shipment.

RE-ORDER OF SUPPLIES: To ensure your future orders are handled in a timely manner, UROPharmacy will contact you by phone, email, or patient portal (your preference) at the appropriate time to place your next order.

Questions? PLEASE CALL: 214-580-2265