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Frequent Urination (Men) - Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I seek medical advice for frequent urination?

When you experience urinary symptoms such as frequent urination you should talk with you doctor without delay. This or other symptoms may be a sign of a more serious problem that needs attention of a professional.

What lifestyle changes can I make to help prevent urinary symptoms such as frequent urination?

While not all urological problems or disorders can be avoided, there are lifestyle choices you can make everyday to help reduce you chances of developing a serious problem, some of these include:

  • Avoid excess alcohol or caffeine

  • Avoid certain medications, i.e. diuretics

  • Do not smoke

  • Moderate physical activity

  • Maintain a healthy weight

What can I expect when I visit my doctor?

Your doctor will most likely conduct a physical examination; this may include an abdominal, pelvic and rectal examination. Blood and urine tests may also be conducted to help determine thyroid and renal function as well as plasma and blood sugar levels.