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Frequent Urination (Men) - Causes

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There are many potential causes of urinary frequency. Occasionally this is related to the amount or type of fluid consumed. Caffeine and alcohol can cause frequent urination in some patients. One of the more common causes of urinary frequency is a urinary tract infection (bladder or prostate). Frequent urination can be caused by prolapse of the bladder (dropped bladder). Sometimes urinary frequency can be caused by stones in the urinary tract. Bladder obstruction due to an enlarged prostate can lead to urinary frequency. The frequency can be caused by tumors in the bladder.

Urinary frequency is occasionally related to neurologic conditions. Stroke, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis are often associated with frequent urination. Often urinary frequency is caused by abnormal pelvic nerve function and coordination.

Urinary frequency can be associated with some serious diseases. Diabetes mellitus can cause frequent urination. Diabetes mellitus can lead to high volume frequent urination.

Sometimes conditions that are not related to the bladder can cause a person to void more often. One example is vaginal atrophy, or loss of normal vaginal tissue with loss of estrogen with age or surgical removal of the ovaries.