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Patient Testimonial for Dr. Thoreson

"Had it not been for Greg Thoreson’s courteous and expert advice on what to do, over the phone, I likely would have still been in Asheville with uncertain outcome. His attention, timely and seemingly timeless visits, explanations, willingness to talk to family who were not in Dallas, and his operative expertise are noteworthy. He is an exemplary surgeon and individual."

Bladder Cancer Patient Success Story - Dr. Davidson

Watch as Dr. Scott Davidson talks about the signs, symptoms, causes, diagnostics and treatment of bladder cancer. Craig knew something was wrong once he spotted blood in his urine. Dr. Davidson was able to spot a Papillary Carcinoma. Watch Craig talk about his experience with Dr. Davidson, and how after only one recurrence he is now cancer free. Learn more about Dr. Davidson here.


Prostate Cancer Patient Success Story - Dr. Shuford.

success storyClick here or select the image below to watch a Prostate Cancer Patient Success Story for Dr. Matthew Shuford. You will need to use the scroll bar to locate the success story for Richard.